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苺のタルト + さわやか苺タルト

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Details from Zuhair Murad Haute Couture Spring 2014.
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Tsukini Kawatte, Oshioki yo!

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Several people requested magic-related generators, so here’s a fairly large mage generator! I tried to include a mix of character design and development categories, though of course you’ll need to do a bit more developing for a fully-rounded character.

I’d love to see your creations, if you wanna tag ‘characterdesigninspiration’ in any drawings you post from this!

To Play:Click and drag each gif or take a screenshot of the whole thing.

I learned water/ice magic from an enchanted object. I wear fur-trimmed robed (let’s say faux-fur haha), with a blade staff (but I’m afraid of blades ;u;”) and a feline familiar. I carry a potion belt with me at all times. My alignment is true neutral, and I’m creative.

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LAUGHS. The hamsters of ACNL in Hamtaro style B)

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Usagi Sailor Moon - Pen Handwriting